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Do you mind if I take a picture of your pedal board? I should actually add this question to my FAQ. The answer is "sure, why not". I know musicians get very cagey and protective over their secret recipe, but I am in the mind set (wait yet another metophor) that you can give 9 chefs the same ingredients and I will guarantee you all the those finalised dishes will taste completely different. Its the same with pedals, I see so many chatting about this subject on forums, and music sales websites trying to sell you the next big thing, that will make you sound better than you ever did. I have no issue in telling anyone what I have on my board, and I am pretty sure I should have taken out shares in some of the companies that provided me with pedals. The bottom line is I don't do hype, actually it send me packing in the opposite direction. I much prefer to make my own mistakes despite anyone telling me how good something is. Its the difference between window shopping and buying the same outfit on a mannequin or making up your own mind to dress yourself.

You've got to see how something feels, like, if a T shirt fits you well, or, if the Nike boots actually look good or its just the brand you're into. Thats all I am saying.

So this is how I connect my pedals - (for live gigs/studio sessions) I always take my Peterson classic tuner... its insanely wonderful. Next I have a Keeley Comp (which is not always on) then I go into Vibe ( by Lovepedal) then into Octave (Boss oc3) then into a Looking glass (Dod/Shoe) then to Fuzz (Monkey Fist Lovepedal) into an 5F6 then to the boost pedal (yes after drives) and then Delay then MXR then Reverb and finally into Looper (EHX 720). My settings you can see via the photo if you don't want to experiment by yourself (strongly suggested). My settings do alter depending on atmosphere/environment/room etc. This is just my way of doing things, which again may not/will not suit everyone. I don't wan't you to be disappointed, you have to know that 2 pianist on the same piano will sound completely different (even if they play the same music).

Hope I have been some help.

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